We’re not comfortable in front of the camera.. 

You’re not alone – this is a comment that we hear a lot and we completely understand! We work hard to be as unobtrusive as possible so that you are not even aware of us and our cameras. This style of shooting creates a relaxed and natural day (for you) and a more authentic, beautifully photographic result. During the portrait time your job is simply to concentrate on how much you love one another, and we will document the rest! We may give you some simple instructions just to get you started, but then we will step back and let the magic unfold before our lens.  

How far in advance should we consider booking you?

As soon as you have your date locked in! We receive enquiries many months and often years in advance, so the sooner you contact us the greater your chances that we will be available for your date! However if we’re already booked, don’t be disheartened – as the demand for us to document your day increases, so too does our team – so it is always worth sending through an enquiry. Also, if you have several dates that you’re considering, please send them through and we can let you know who is available for those dates! 

How do you deliver our images? 

We will initially send you a link to your online gallery which contains your low resolution images. Your high resolution images, which are perfect for printing, will be posted to you on a USB several weeks after you receive your online gallery.

Will you tentatively hold a date for us? 

Due to the very high number of enquiries we receive it is just not possible (or fair) to place tentative holds on dates. 



What is a lighting & timing consultation? 

This is where we build your timeline for the day, to give suggestions of when best to schedule key moments, taking into account the time of year, the season and the location. Ideally we love to harness the best available light for your portraits, working in with your wedding day sequence and (where relevant) that beautiful window before sunset.

How do I secure my date? 

When you confirm that you would like to book us as your wedding photographer, we will send you some paperwork which includes an online contract as well as the 25% booking fee. Your date will be secure with us once we have received both the digitally signed contract and the booking fee.

Is the booking fee refundable or transferable? 

If you have to cancel your wedding, your booking fee is not refundable or transferable.

When is the final payment due?

Final payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding.

Do you retouch our photographs? 

We edit every photo, this includes colour correction or removing a minor blemish.We do offer a premium after-service with your photo re-touching is performed by a specialist editor with over 15 years experience in fashion and beauty editorial and magazine photography.

How long until we receive our wedding photographs?  

Image selection and editing is an integral part of our process, just as involved and meticulous as documenting the day itself.  As such, we allow 6 weeks after your wedding to complete this step.